rebirth-gangster24 pages
Written by C. J. Standal
Art byJuan Romera

Marcus Thompson is a young prosecutor, an African-American son of rich parents. And lately he’s been questioning his role in putting away so many criminals for nonviolent drug offenses, especially since he used to dabble in drugs himself–because of his status, he escaped the same fate he now hands to so many troubled youth.

Hunter Anderson is a poor, white man, son of a dying mom and dead dad. He’s crumbling under the weight of his mom’s hospital bills and can only think of one way to pay for her care: joining a group of small time burglars. But he won’t stay small time for long.

After a chance meeting during one of Hunter’s robberies, they both get sucked into a life of crime as they struggle with family legacies and a murder as old as themselves. And to make matters worse, Detective Lorena Sanchez is on the case trying to bring them down!

But will her girlfriend put up with her obsession over this case? Will Marcus and Hunter get caught? Will they give up their criminal ways?

Acclaimed by the critics, Rebirth of the Gangster is Breaking Bad meets The Wire with a dash of Othello. It has color covers with noir-drenched artwork perfect for fans of 100 Bullets and Criminal. Rebirth of the Gangster dives into the moral challenges of a young inner-city prosecutor torn between crime, the law, and family tradition, all while swimming in issues of class and race.

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